CLEAR – Unique
Treatment for
Sleep Apnea
& Snoring

Nexense’s CLEAR a includes a sensor located under the mattress and a wearable computer feedback transmitter worn as a wrist watch. The sensor monitors breathing patterns during sleep and sets off an alert by vibrating, which grows gradually stronger, if the patient’s breathing while asleep becomes too shallow or pauses.


This alert brings patients out of a deeper sleep so that normal breathing is resumed but without necessarily waking them up. Over time, patients become used to the sensor and alert, enabling them to sleep with the minimum of disruption. Hundreds of patients using the product continuously have reported a dramatic improvement in their sleep.

The new generation version of CLEAR is smaller than the previous one, and includes all sensors accommodated in one small device, which is worn as a chest band. All devices come with a smartphone application that collects and analyzes data, and describes graphically to the user the different physiological parameters during sleep.



CLEAR is based on Nexense’s patent protected measurement technology. The company’s sensors conduct direct measurement of the inspected element without converting it, in order to secure maximum Signal to Noise ratio and to conduct measurements in harsh conditions. Its state-of-the-art sensor technology has a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 190 dB, 22-bit resolution, digital output without an ADC, and the ability to make measurements without the need for any direct contact, in a non-intrusive and non-emissive manner. The technology and its applications are protected by multiple patents and pending applications, in order to protect Nexense’s exclusivity and long term exploitation. In addition to the US, patent applications have been filed in many countries in Europe as well as Japan, South Korea, China, and Canada.